4/10/19 - “Mega” sized batch.

Hi Everyone-

Thanks for stopping by. I have a few brushes to offer and they’re all exclusively 29mm. Hence, the term ‘mega-sized’. While that may sound like click-bait, I’ll also note that this is the largest number of brushes The Varlet has attempted in one single batch since its launch in 2015. So for a manufacture of my scale this is a small milestone which is something I haven’t had in a long time. While I still have to remember to manage expectations, this gives me something to build on for the remainder of 2019. I’ll give a short update on The Varlet’s shop and then I’ll get to the details of the release.

Since the final weeks of last year until late March there have been Alumilite casting improvements, mostly in terms of speed, as well as development of new offerings in terms of finishing, design, and a couple of new models that are refreshing to the line-up for The Varlet. I’m introducing a new colorway, Cement™, which is a light solid gray, which is coupled with white gloss lettering on this release.

Also, late last year, I finalized plans to offer a matte finish for handles which I’m calling Low-light. This is a very fine matte finish, with very low reflectivity. I do this finish entirely by hand and the end result is similar to sand-blasting but much finer. The closest thing I can compare it to would be a very fine clay. The Alumilite almost feels like ceramic in the hand. It’s really nice.

I’ll be releasing quite a few Everset - USA branded K2’s on this run. In the last couple of months my commitment to the Everset line and plans going forward have taken a more substantial consideration. While I’m entrenched in continuing to build The Varlet as a premium product, I can’t ignore the possibility of making brushes on a much larger scale in the near future that the Everset line gives me. This release will feature Alpine Grade™ knots on all Everset - USA™ offerings.

Something very interesting that I’ve learned is that when you create a brand, and release it to the public, it almost takes on a life of its own. The brand very early on carves its own niche, with folks coming to expect certain things and not others. At that point, I feel as a craftsman and entrepreneur almost a public duty to stay true to what the product promises, whether it be explicitly or implicitly. One of the most important things I can keep my ear to is The Varlet’s reputation among collectors who already own them, and every decision or change is done with that in mind. I would never artificially limit production; The Varlet’s limited availability has always been pegged like a currency to the nature of the way they’re crafted. So, this means The Varlet’s availability can increase but slowly, and there’s not much I can or am willing to do about that. After some time your role as a creator of a brand transitions to more of a caretaker. I do sympathize with those who are constantly disappointed at the “sold out” status of many of The Varlet’s brushes upon checking the site.

K2 Release

The K2™ design has been tweaked a bit, coming in taller at ~55mm. This is to give it more of a distinctive identity, embody the name K2 more assuredly, as well as making it a bit more luxurious by giving your fingers a little more space without touching the lather. I’ve taken care that the design remains “burly”, as I feared making it too tall would bring it more into a classic jar territory. The squared shoulders and very low accent groove still make it feel like the original K2 while offering a little more with this slight change.

The line-up:

K2™ in Cement™ in high polish finish, white lettering, handle 55mm height, knot in 29mm x 53mm loft, Alpine Grade. Entirely hand-made in the USA. $235

K2™ in Pure White™ in Low-light finish, black gloss lettering, handle 55mm height, knot in 29mm x 53mm loft, Alpine Grade. Entirely hand-made in the USA. $235

I’ll make these available for purchase on the site on 04/11/2019 at 11am PDT.

“Mega” Release

I’ll be listing The Varlet’s four initial models, Mega™, Orion™, Beehive, and Ranger™, all in 29mm size. This is not a limited release by design but there is only one of each. Also, I’ll be offering two new models, the Gaslamp™ and the Cauldron™, both in 29mm as well. They are all in Somerset Ivory with a Low-light finish, and Gold hue enamel lettering.

Entirely hand-made in the USA. $280

These will be available for purchase on the site on 04/12/2019 at 12pm PDT.

Thank you all,