Summer Update

I want to give everyone a quick update on a few things as we head into the last month of summer. Since I am not active on any forums at the moment officially, and since I have been quiet on social media as well, I thought it best to make a short blog post.

For the most part, since I’m feeling very confident with regards to production, there aren’t many updates or changes to the brushes themselves at this time. The last few batches have been posted for sale without any advance notice. I did this in the beginning of summer because it’s my goal that brushes eventually be sold in this way. That’s very optimistic, I know, but I truly hope one day production catches up with demand.

Brushes were sold pretty quickly. I did not get a chance to send emails, or post to Twitter, before they were sold. I do apologize for those who are on the email list, as I’m sure you wondered where your email from The Varlet was.

On this run, I will be doing a little more advance notice. I’m still not sure what method gives the most even playing field, but that’s always been my goal. We are definitely seeing a huge shift in the way that products are sold and marketed, in a way that’s never been seen in history. With all the social media apps, forums, and smartphones with great cameras at everyone’s fingertips it’s unprecedented what is going on.

Small producers like myself are still finding the best way to adapt to this worldwide access and exposure, so I hope folks out there can be a little understanding, if not entirely ok with how things are at the moment.

Just a quick note on delivery times and communication. On the batch before last, delivery times were missed by quite a bit. Add to that, I did not communicate effectively to those who had purchased a brush on that batch. I did apologize to those who wrote in via email. I’ve made a substantial improvement on this last batch, with delivery times just bit over the estimated time frame, but more importantly communication was much improved. So, I hope folks who had a great experience on this last batch have been as vocal as the ones who had a bad experience on the batch prior. Nevertheless, in both cases feedback was very positive for the brushes themselves.

I’ll be offering more Gaslamps at 27mm x 51mm loft in Low-light matte finish. It’s always been my aim for each brush model to have a set knot size, the Mega at 29mm, Orion at 25mm, etc. Of course, from time to time different size variants have been shipped, but I’ve tried to keep this to a minimum as I think it makes the identity of each model stronger. I’ve decided that the Gaslamp’s standard spec will be at 27mm. This fills the gap from the Orion and Ranger to the Mega very nicely. This is more of a guideline, and not something set in stone.

I’m offering the exact same brush offered on the last release in hopes that folks who missed out can have another chance at one.

I’ll post them for sale today, August 21, 2019, at 4pm PDT.

Thanks all.