8/8/18 Availability

Hi guys,

I will have a handful of brushes up for sale tomorrow, including Orions in Somerset Ivory and 26mm Fan Beehives in Carbon. 12pm Pacific.

Adjustments have been made to the website with regards to the purchase process. I've included Apple Pay in the payment options, and have added icons with all payment types accepted to the very bottom of the site. Also, instead of "add to cart" on each brush listing, the button reads "purchase". Upon clicking said button, instead of merely adding an item to the cart, it will take you directly to the cart to make the purchase immediately. It streamlines the process a bit.



I've received more than a handful of emails since my last post, mostly very positive so thanks to all who wrote in. As I mentioned, releases will get larger in the next few weeks as I get things in line. Going from the reserve list to a general sales basis has taken some adjusting, especially with the multitude of messages received with inquiries and also lingering issues with regards to brush purchases and reservations. Also, my supplies have been running low on everything including Alumilite, so I hope to do some casting of rods in the next couple of weeks. I will be offering some additional colors, but I will keep them very much in line with The Varlet's aesthetic, brand identity, and concept. My aim is to keep the number of colors at a minimum, so as I experiment with hues only the best colors will make it to the line-up. 

I have been testing some XD knots and am happy to report that I'm indeed liking them more and more. I'm really pushing the amount of hair I can fit into a certain diameter. Above all, what I value most in a knot is it's lather release. Setting a knot very low and making it extremely dense hinders that, but the trade-off is the additional whisker lifting action and firmer massage as lather is being made. As lather gets driven into the center of the knot the hairs actually get stiffer, and splaying becomes harder and less productive. It's important to keep the knot from splaying too much. As I adjust the lofts lower and lower it's apparent that this technique lends itself more useful but there is a point of no return.

I'll continue to work on them and it will perhaps be an ongoing project for a while. Nevertheless, as anyone who's bought a brush from me knows, I love getting feedback so it's another excuse to message folks to send me their opinions.