Hand-Bound Knots

No component of a shaving brush is more crucial than a well-calibrated and solidly constructed badger hair knot. A steady hand maintains a balanced and symmetrical shape, while careful measuring and sorting of the hair ensure the finest tips remain at the top.


Setting the Hairs

The Varlet's method for binding hairs in place combines old-world hand-setting techniques with today's best adhesives. Each "bouquet" is carefully prepared and adhered, anchoring each lather-creating bristle precisely where it needs to be.


A unique shape, organically created.

A great handle feels like it was made for your hand. The Varlet's handles, turned and shaped on a manual lathe, yield a comfortable familiarity and an intangible elegance. When you hold it, you can feel it.

hand lathe.jpg

A Brilliant Polish

Sanded and polished to a mirror surface, with careful attention that every fine detail remains crisp and sharp. A final step to bring the most out of each design.


A Lasting Impression

Etched with laser precision, followed by a careful application of enamel, the distinctive but subtle signature is permanently inscribed in every brush.