A brush as a fine tool.

A viewpoint that naturally stems from a foundation in craftsmanship. The Varlet views shaving brushes in the same light as the instruments used to create them. In turn, consistent and dependable performance is an absolute necessity.


Density and Balance

A high density, well-sorted badger hair brush has long been regarded as the most luxurious way to prepare for a shave. More hair means a denser, richer lather reached with less effort. While density is prized, it isn't everything. A knot that's carelessly constructed could be the folly of a premium shaving brush, holding on to your lather instead of applying it where you want it.

The Varlet continuously ensures every knot's density as well as its construction adheres to in-house standards for superb performance.


A traditional detail

Feel the bottom of the knot and you'll find no trace of what a legendary brush-maker from Somerset, England used to call an adhesive cork. In keeping with this construction philosophy The Varlet's knots present only dense, supple badger hair that gives with a light pinch of your fingers. It's a touch of traditional craftsmanship seldom appreciated today, but it's become a tell-tale sign of a brush made by The Varlet.


consistently soft

The Varlet sources the finest loose badger hair from the Far East, but no matter how good a supply is, it can always be better. To ensure knots have that feathery feel time after time, additional sorting steps ensure only the best hairs remain. Along with careful shaping and hand-binding, the results are naturally shaped knots with a distinctive hand-made aesthetic, and always with the softest tips for a truly comforting face feel.


Weights and Measures

What craftsmen have relied on for millennia and what The Varlet relies on to make sure every brush has consistently great performance. Careful weighing so every knot has the right amount of hair, and measuring knots and handles during installation so knot lofts are always to tested specifications. 


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