First Step

The once robust American shaving brush industry went virtually extinct as shavers opted for the convenience of a cold aerosol can decades ago. A small group of wise individuals and passionate enthusiasts took it upon themselves to burgeon traditional shaving methods bringing many out of the dark. 

The damage, however, had been done. An American shaving brush was a reality made only by acquiring relics from the last century and diligently refurbishing them back to life. As with many manufacturing industries in America, methods and efforts that once bastioned our economy were a thing of the past.

What can we do when an industry has been lost? We can recreate it. The Varlet is a step in that direction. 

A Mark in the Timeline

With a void in the shaving brush industry, many wondered when the U.S. would make its mark again. While it's hard to pinpoint when the American shaving brush industry took a downturn, many would agree that it was well before the first moon landing. The Varlet introduced a shaving brush entirely constructed in the U.S.A., something not offered for many decades.

The Varlet strives to etch its place in the extensive and storied timeline that belongs to the American shaving brush, its craftsmen and women, and its enterprising leaders of industry.

Independence Day Weekend, 2015

The Varlet offers its first shaving brush on July 3, 2015. Immediately following, The Independence Day Ranger, a unique variant of the original Ranger, is auctioned on July 4-5 with total contributions of $1,000 going towards the Semper Fi Fund


More To Come

Since its launch, The Varlet has gained a loyal following among connoisseurs of fine shaving brushes by giving unrivaled access to construction methods, introducing unique features such as Alumilite handles and Alpine Grade™ knots, and earning a reputation for quality to which its commitment is ongoing.