Ranger 29mm Low-light

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Ranger 29mm Low-light


Following in the footsteps of the first version of the Ranger™, balance and versatility abound in this updated iteration of one of The Varlet's most iconic designs. 

Features a 29mm high-density knot with a loft of 53mm, and an ergonomic 55mm tall handle to complete the package. The Ranger could quite possibly be your one-brush brush collection.

Turned from impact resistant Alumilite resin in Somerset Ivory and with an Alpine Grade™ badger hair for a soft and comfortable lathering sensation and resilient hair shafts. * New Low-light matte finish handle, a technique which yields a clay-like non-reflective surface done entirely by hand.

  • Knot size (measured at handle opening) - 29mm

  • Knot loft (height of hairs above handle) - 53mm +/- 1mm

  • Handle height ~ 55mm

Made in USA

Ships in 7-9 Days to U.S.A. addresses only. For more info, see “Shipping” guidelines.

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