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The Ranger™ returns. Following in the footsteps of the first version of the Ranger, balance and versatility abound in this updated iteration of one of The Varlet's most iconic designs. 

Maintaining the original Ranger's identity, this new Ranger is very nicely balanced, but achieves it in an entirely different way. The 24mm medium-density knot of the original has given way to a high-density Alpine Grade™ 25mm knot. The high density of the knot is carefully managed with a loft setting of 54mm, unconventional but riveting all the same. The densely packed Alpine Grade hair provides an incredibly luxurious lathering performance and lather release. It is everything the original was, but amplified many times over.

With a new and more ergonomic 55mm tall handle to complete the package, the Ranger could quite possibly be your one-brush brush collection.

Turned from impact resistant Alumilite resin in Somerset Ivory™ and featuring Alpine Grade™ badger hair for a soft and comfortable lathering sensation and resilient hair shafts.

  • Knot size (measured at handle opening) - 25mm

  • Knot loft (height of hairs above handle) - 54mm +/- 1mm

  • Handle height ~ 55mm

Made in USA

Ships in 2-3 Days to U.S.A. addresses only. For more info, see “Shipping” guidelines.

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