Alpine Grade™

The finest imported badger hair is the basis for The Varlet's knots. Several additional sorting steps that take place in-house yield an exceptional knot grade with a soft face feel, firm, springy hair shafts, and an even, natural aesthetic with uniform banding. 



Nothing is left to chance when choosing adhesives that will keep knots in place and bristles solidly set. They've been used in high-strength applications such as high-end bicycle and race car frames, and they're the reason The Varlet's knots have an impeccable quality control reputation.





Handles that endure

An industry first, The Varlet's innovative handle material is pressure cast in-house from urethane resin manufactured by Alumilite in Michigan, USA. Alumilite is resoundingly impact resistant, takes a bright polish in The Varlet's Somerset Ivory hue, and carries the most comprehensive warranty and guarantee against cracks, chips, or breakage. It's an extra measure The Varlet takes to inspire just a little more confidence as you enjoy your shave.


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